Vincent van der Noort

Vincent van der Noort (b. 1980) studied mathematics at the University of Amsterdam and gained his doctorate at the University of Utrecht on the subject of symmetries in spaces whose dimensions are infinite. He has been a supervisor at mathematics camps for schoolchildren and currently works as a maths teacher.

Numbers Are Your Best Friends

Numbers Are Your Best Friends

Ontboezemingen van een nerd

(Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 2011, 309 pages)

The most beautiful of all mathematics, writes young mathematician Vincent van der Noort, involves problems you could explain to a child yet which even the cleverest thinkers are as yet unable solve. Better still, the fact that professional mathematicians are stumped does not put it beyond the bounds of possibility that an eleven-year-old will come up with the answer one morning under the shower.

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