Michel van Eeten

Michel van Eeten (b. 1970) is an associate professor at the School of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology. He gained his doctorate with a thesis (once thought too literary) entitled Dialogues of the Deaf: Defining New Agendas for Environmental Deadlocks. Among the subjects he has focused on in his policy research are cyber-criminals, train conductors and reindeer managers. Van Eeten is also an enthusiastic blogger. His was awarded the 2008 prize for the bestwritten Dutch weblog.



(Atlas, 2008, 302 pages)

Debut novelist Michel van Eeten has a tremendous talent for looking at things from the reverse side. At times this arises out of a kind of wonderment, at times from a cynicism akin to that of Houellebecq, with such sentences as: ‘Some people derived an infectious zest for life from the injustice and calamity that afflict others. It was called engagement.’ Throughout the novel, the concept of nature is turned on its head – a form of deconstruction that dismantles it almost completely.

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