Escober is the pen name of the married couple, Berry and Esther Verhoef. Under this name they have already written two action thrillers, including Onder druk (Under Pressure) which was awarded the Diamond Bullet, a Belgian thriller award. Verhoef has now been nominated three times for the Golden Noose (the award for the best Dutch thriller of the year). Chaos is their third joint product.



(Ambo Anthos, 2006, 319 pages)

‘I departed four days later, on the backseat of a police car. The door-to-door salesman I had taken to be a Serbian soldier disappeared in an ambulance in the opposite direction. The boxes were still in the hall.’ This is the abrupt ending of the romance between Bosnia veteran, Alex Fisher, and ‘his’ Helen, the girl he had just moved in with. Such abruptness is typical of the entire book. Written by the top writing duo, Escober, it is not without reason that the novel bears the title Chaos.

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