Saskia Noort

Saskia Noort (b. 1967) debuted in 2003 with Terug naar de kust (Back to the Coast), of which more than 200,000 copies have now been sold. Her second thriller De eetclub (The Dining Club) was a major success, selling more than 300,000 copies. For both these books Saskia Noort received nominations for the Gouden Strop. Both De eetclub and Terug naar de kust are being filmed.

New Neighbours

New Neighbours

(Ambo Anthos, 2006, 278 pages)

If the new Dutch landscape can be characterized by anything, it is the large-scale new housing estates near to the major cities. Street after street of identical houses in neat rows. The television is located in the same corner of every living room because that’s where the architect placed the power point. Each occupant sits in the same IKEA sofa in front of the tv. ‘Nothing ever happens there’ is an often-repeated comment by people who don’t live there.

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