Stan van Elderen

Stan van Elderen (b. 1963) has shown himself to be a multi-faceted author. His international background has undoubtedly played a part in this: he has lived in the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada and studied Dutch, German and English. He writes for a range of age groups and deliberately chooses to write in different genres: his debut novel De dertiende tovenaar (2002), part of the trilogy Het dertiende koninkrijk, a smoothly written fantasy for ten-year-olds, was well received and also published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Charlie Wallace, he has demonstrated that he can also write impressive, contemporary novels for teen readers.

Charlie Wallace

Charlie Wallace

(Nieuw Amsterdam, 2006, 176 pages)

Charlie Wallace by Stan van Elderen is a daring novel for young readers: a modern-day version of American masterpieces such as Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and John Green’s Looking for Alaska, about Jonathan, a lonely, introspective teen in New York who seeks refuge in his books and thoughts, and tries to find an explanation for his recent act of despair.

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