Michael Frijda

Michael Frijda (b. 1961) worked for years as a bargee on the inland waterways and on tour boats in the Amsterdam canals. 1998 witnessed the publication of his story collection Schrikdieren (Feral Frights). A year later he received the Rabo-bank Lente Award for his story Tekening (Drawing). The novel Ritselingen (Rustling, 2005) was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize. At present he is working on a novel about his experiences on the tour boats.



(Podium, 2005, 245 pages)

Frijda’s Ritselingen (Rustling) is a mysterious novel about identity and origin. The complex family history of the book closely resembles a fairy tale – not only because the events take place in a forest but also because, for example, there is no dialogue, rather a lyrical use of language which gives the story its intrinsic beauty.

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