Siep Stuurman

Siep Stuurman is Professor of European History at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. For his Francois Poulain de la Barre and the Invention of Modern Equality (2004) he was awarded the George Mosse Prize by the American Historical Association. His earlier books include State Formation and Political Theory. Three Essays on Europe (1995) and The Tragic Fate of the Countess of Isenburg (1999).

The Invention of Humanity

The Invention of Humanity

Korte wereldgeschiedenis van het denken over gelijkheid en cultuurverschil

(Prometheus, 2010, 573 pages)

Given the number of studies on inequality, Siep Stuurman decided to buck the trend and focus instead on equality. In The Invention of Humanity he investigates the history of ideas about common humanity and cross-cultural equality in religious, philosophical, literary and scientific writings from antiquity to the present, ranging from Europe to America, the Islamic world and China. Its global range makes his book unique.

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