Petra de Koning

Petra de Koning is an editor at the Dutch broadsheet NRC Handelsblad. With Cees Banning she has covered the work of the Yugoslavia tribunal since 1999, having previously reported for NRC Handelsblad on the war in Bosnia and Kosovo.

The Balkans on the North Sea

The Balkans on the North Sea

Over het Joegoslaviƫ-tribunaal, over recht en onrecht

(Prometheus, 2005, 304 pages)

In the summer of 1992 television images were broadcast of emaciated men behind barbed wire, Bosnian Muslims held prisoner by Bosnian Serbs. Western politicians expressed shock, but no one sent troops to the Balkans to end the ghastly war. Instead a UN tribunal was established in The Hague to try war criminals, modelled on the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals of 1946.

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