Marion Bloem

Marion Bloem was born in Arnhem in 1952, the daughter of East Indian parents who had moved to the Netherlands two years earlier. In 1976 Bloem graduated in clinical psychology. After a period in which she wrote children’s books, directed films and wrote film-scripts, she embarked upon her literary career with the remarkable novel Geen gewoon Indisch meisje (1983). It was succeeded by four novels: Rio (1987), Lange reizen korte liefdes (‘Long Journeys Brief Loves’ 1987), Vaders van betekenis (1989), De honden van Slipi (‘The Dogs Of Slipi’, 1992), and a collection of short stories entitled Vliegers onder het matras (‘Kites Under The Mattress’, 1990).



(Leopold, 1990, 149 pages)

Matabia, of een lange donkere nacht is het verhaal van het Indische meisje Sylvia dat in Nederland woont. Tijdens een lange, spannende avond waarop ze alleen thuis is met haar broertje en zusje, denkt ze na over het land waar haar ouders vandaan komen.

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The Cockatoo’s Lie

(De Arbeiderspers, 1993, 224 pages)

If it seemed initially as if Marion Bloem had used up all her material in her autobiographical first novel Geen gewoon Indisch meisje (‘No Ordinary East Indian Girl’), it has since become clear that she has established an oeuvre which has gradually incorporated more and more subject matter.

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