Willem G. van Maanen

Willem G. van Maanen (b. 1920) made his debut in 1953 with Droom is het leven (Dream is Life). His novels De onrustzaaier (The Troublemaker, 1955), De dierenhater (The Animal Hater, 1960) and Het nichtje van Mozart (Mozart’s Niece, 1983) were honoured with important literary awards. In 2004 Van Maanen was awarded the Constantijn Huygens Prize for his entire oeuvre.

Love and Don’t Look Back

Love and Don’t Look Back

(De Bezige Bij, 2006, 207 pages)

Over the last few decades Willem G. van Maanen has composed a wonderful and penetrating body of work in relative silence. His novels and stories are ambiguous and attest to an obstinate ethic. Those who surrender themselves to it are rewarded with deep and authentic insights into our existence. This exceptional quality also characterizes Heb lief en zie niet om (Love and Don’t Look Back). The title may contain a tender encouragement, but the characters do quite a bit of looking back at a dark past, with disastrous consequences.

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