Benjo Maso

Benjo Maso is a sociologist, historian, and cycling fan. In 1990, he published The Sweat of the Gods (revised and supplemented in 2003), a book that can be mentioned in the same breath as sporting classics such as The Rider by Tim Krabbé and From Santander to Santander by Peter Winnen. The documentary film Tour des Légendes was also made on the Tour of 1948.

We Were All Gods

We Were All Gods

De Tour van 1948

(Atlas, 2003, 304 pages)

Cycling fan Benjo Maso is an expert on bicycle racing and 3 writes about it with passion, but what makes him exceptional is his collaboration with the sociologist Maso. The latter seeks the significance of cycle racing in more than merely the sporting show, and this is the source of many fascinating stories.

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