Dick Pels

Dick Pels is a sociologist. He worked at the Philosophy Department of the University of Groningen, and was subsequently a Professor of Sociology at Brunel University in London. He currently works as a freelance publicist. His present-day work is mainly oriented toward the upsurge of celebrity culture in politics, trade and industry, and science. His previous work includes The Democratic Difference. Jacques de Kadt and the new elite. Pels is the Associate Editor of Theory, Culture and Society.

A Dandy in Politics

A Dandy in Politics

Het gedachtegoed van een politieke dandy

(Ambo Anthos, 2003, 200 pages)

On 6 may 2002, an environmentalist fired six bullets at the popular politician Pim Fortuyn, bringing an abrupt end to the sensational career of a political adventurer. Within a period of only a few months, Fortuyn had completely overturned the political landscape of the Netherlands. His party, the Pim Fortuyn List, was on the verge of becoming the biggest party, and he himself was preparing to become Minister-President.

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