René van Stipriaan

René van Stipriaan is a historian specializing in Dutch history and a freelance journalist and commentator. He holds a doctorate on the subject of Dutch seventeenth-century theatre and edited the anthologies Eyewitnesses to World History (with Geert Mak) and Eyewitnesses to the Golden Century.

The Full Life

The Full Life

Nederlandse literatuur en cultuur ten tijde van de Republiek (circa 1550-1800)

(Prometheus, 2002, 352 pages)

The story of 17th-century Holland was fascinating even to contemporaries, and Europe looked on with admiration, envy, and sometimes downright astonishment. The ‘Golden Century’ later proved such a rich field of study that many historians have been able to surprise their readers with fresh interpretations. Now historian René van Stipriaan brings Holland’s golden era excitingly to life through the literature of the period.

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