Philibert Schogt

Philibert Schogt (1960) was born in Amsterdam. Between the ages of four and seventeen he lived first in the United States and then in Canada. He studied philosophy, with maths as his subsidiary subject, at the University of Amsterdam. His debut novel, about a mathematician, De wilde getallen (The Wild Numbers), was published in 1998 and has since been published in six countries.



(De Arbeiderspers, 2002, 283 pages)

Patrick Süskind wrote an unforgettable ode to the nose with Perfume. Now, Philibert Schogt has paid an unforgettable tribute to the tongue, with Daalder. While Jean-Baptiste Grenouille fought against the stench of the eighteenth century with sublime scents, Joop Daalder is fighting like a ‘pilgrim of good taste’ against the flavour degeneration of our time. Only this time there is no murder, although someone does die.

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