Pamela Koevoets

Pamela Koevoets (b. 1947) made her debut with Ode, a collection of stories for adults. Two short story collections and a novel followed, and in 1998 her first children’s book, De buurman van drie hoog (The Third Floor Neighbour) was published, in which she combines a down-to-earth style with often intangible events. Also in Cinderella, her style is anything but childish. She is not a writer who provides much explanation. It is even debatable whether she consciously writes for children: she just writes, for any reader. The book was illustrated by Dutch tv-comedian Michiel Romeyn.

Cinderella: A Song About Trust

Cinderella: A Song About Trust

(De Bezige Bij, 2000, 107 pages)

The Grimm Brothers’ story of Cinderella is cursory. Mother dies and Father takes a new wife. The story doesn’t tell us what life was like before Mother died. How Father can come under the spell of a woman who is so cruel to his daughter, why Father takes no notice of the humiliations Cinderella suffers, remain untold. In fact, there is much in this story which remains undiscussed. For example, what sort of person is this prince who is looking for a wife? Is it right for a girl to marry a foreign prince just like that?

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