James Boekbinder (the Netherlands)

James Boekbinder

James Boekbinder is active as an editor, information architect, content strategist and filmmaker for clients including multinational companies, cultural institutions, non-profits, publishers and authors. His work covers a broad area, including visualisation, editorial formulas, texts and films for websites, intranets, magazines, television, games and books. He also supports teams in the creation of new product concepts for mobile and other applications.

Susan Breeuwsma (WPG Publishers, the Netherlands)

Susan Breeuwsma

Susan Breeuwsma is Manager of Commercial Services at the business development department of WPG Publishers, one of the three biggest book publishing companies in the Netherlands. After several years in the publishing business, first in sales and subsequently as an editor and as a project manager, she became responsible for the development of a holistic eWorkflow for all the publishing houses belonging to WPG, aiming to produce consistent ePubs from InDesign. As manager of commercial services she advises on digital business strategy and facilitates digital product innovation across the company. She is also responsible for several service departments, including applications, database marketing and customer service. Her latest challenge was to investigate the possibility of launching an industry-wide digital platform for the Netherlands.

Dick Broer (Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Netherlands)

Dick Broer

Dick Broer studied French language and literature at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating he worked as a publisher for Perdu and as editor-in-chief of the computer magazine PC-Active. Since 2001 he has been responsible for the publications and websites of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. He also builds and maintains websites for the European Advertising Academy ( and Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Traducteurs littéraires (

Greetje Heemskerk (Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Netherlands)

Greetje Heemskerk

Greetje Heemskerk graduated in modern Dutch literature at the University of Amsterdam. After completing her studies she worked for several years as a curator at the Literary Museum in The Hague. She is one of the founders of the literary-historical magazine De Parelduiker. Greetje has worked for the Dutch Foundation for Literature since 2002, first mainly organizing grants and symposia for biographers, and now as head of the author policy department.

Haye Koningsveld (Ambo|Anthos, the Netherlands)

Haye Koningsveld

Haye Koningsveld is publisher of non-fiction at Ambo|Anthos Publishers. He graduated in philosophy and comparative literature, and worked at the Department of Political Philosophy at the University of Nijmegen. After having worked as a freelance editor for various publishing houses, he found his first job in publishing at Prometheus, then moved to Academic Service for a year before joining Ambo|Anthos in 2000. He publishes non-fiction for the general market, with a strong focus on philosophy, history, and politics - as well as excursions into true crime and pop music.

Grégory Marttin (Denoël, France)

Grégory Marttin

Grégory Marttin is non-fiction editor at Denoël. He deals with both French and foreign books and sometimes acts as a translator from English to French. He studied contemporary history at the Sorbonne, then took a post-graduate degree in Publishing Matters (University Paris 13). He joined Denoël ten years ago as a trainee before becoming a copy editor and now editor.

Suzanne Meeuwissen (Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Netherlands)

Suzanne Meeuwissen

It was Suzanne Meeuwissen’s affinity for literary magazines that prompted her to join the staff of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, where until recently she was also involved in providing grants to Dutch publishers. A factor common to both is the limited marketability of important titles that foster the diversity and quality of Dutch literature. As well as magazines and the website, her work at the Foundation currently focuses on new developments in the book trade, whether commercial or artistic (with new forms of literature such as the blog biography). She was formerly an editor at a renowned scientific research institute and edited a restaurant guide. After studying Dutch and comparative literature at the University of Utrecht she began her career as an editor at Kwadraat, a small independent literary publishing house in Utrecht.

Frits van der Meij (Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, the Netherlands)

Frits van der Meij

Since 2006 Frits van der Meij has been non-fiction editor at Athenaeum—Polak & Van Gennep, a publishing house specializing in the classics, modern classics, history, philosophy, the arts, journalism and travel literature, as well as other types of literary non-fiction. He previously worked as a translator, manager and publisher for the New Dutch Bible Translation, which appeared in 2004 and sold over a million copies within two years of publication.

Edward Nawotka (Publishing Perspectives, USA)

Edward Nawotka

Ed Nawotka is the founder and editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives, an online magazine for the international publishing industry that has been called ‘the BBC of the book world’. Prior to launching Publishing Perspectives, he worked as book columnist for Bloomberg News and daily news editor of Publishers Weekly. He has also served as the literary director of the Texas Book Festival and as a judge for various book awards, and has been a foreign correspondent, a bookseller, literary magazine editor and advertising copywriter. Ed’s reviews, essays and reporting have appeared in The New Yorker, The International Herald Tribune, The GuardianTravel + LeisureThe Los Angeles Times, Budget TravelThe New Statesman, USA Today and People. He has appeared as a guest on television and radio programs for various broadcasters including NPR, PRI, the BBC, and C-SPAN, and has lectured at numerous universities and institutions. He currently serves on the Advisory Council of the University of Texas Libraries.

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer (Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book, the Netherlands)

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer had a successful career in broadcasting, becoming one of the first to use interactive formats. He then decided to dedicate his knowledge of media and how people use them to the future of libraries. He set up the highly acclaimed DOK Library Concept Center in Delft, a town that is home to one of the best technical universities in the world. DOK’s mission is to create the world’s most modern library. In 2008 DOK was chosen by international experts as the most innovative of all libraries worldwide and in 2009 it was named the best library in the Netherlands. Today Eppo is the director of Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book, a foundation that brings together publishers, booksellers and libraries with the aim of encouraging the habits of book reading and book buying.

Emile Op de Coul (Querido, the Netherlands)

Emile Op de Coul

Emile Op de Coul graduated in Film and Television Studies in Utrecht, specializing in dramaturgy. He spent a year in Los Angeles and studied in other cities including Glasgow. He worked as editor for a publisher of theatre and film books, and for the NCRV television network, where for eight years he was responsible for all multimedia publications of radio and television programmes, including DVDs and CD-Roms. Since 2008 he has worked at Querido where, in his current post as manager rights and new business, he is responsible for acquiring translation, film and theatre rights and the development of new business, which includes apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Tiziano Perez (Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Netherlands)

Tiziano Perez

Tiziano Perez graduated in Italian and English language and literature. He worked first at the University of Amsterdam and then as a programme maker at political and cultural centre De Balie in Amsterdam before joining the Foundation for Dutch Literature. He is co-founder and coordinator of the project Amsterdam City of Refuge, which offers a safe haven to persecuted writers. Since 1998 he has been responsible for organizing international literary events for the NLPVF, recently renamed the Dutch Foundation for Literature, where he is currently head of Promotion and Information.

Angus Phillips (Brookes University, UK)

Angus Phillips

Angus Phillips is director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies at Oxford Brookes University. He has degrees from Oxford and Warwick Universities, as well as many years’ experience in the publishing industry that includes running a trade and reference list at Oxford University Press. He has acted as consultant to a variety of publishing companies and trained publishing professionals from the UK and overseas in editorial work, marketing and management. Angus is the author, with Giles Clark, of Inside Book Publishing (2008); and the editor, with Bill Cope, of The Future of the Book in the Digital Age (2006) and The Future of the Academic Journal (2009). He is the editor-in-chief of the publishing journal Logos.

Erik Rigters (, the Netherlands)

Erik Rigters

Erik Rigters is the manager of, the largest specialist e-book retailer in the Netherlands. For the past ten years, has devoted itself to the cause of the Dutch e-book, arguing strongly in favour of increasing the supply by giving practical help to publishers in making e-books available. Erik began attending the School for Bookselling and Publishing in 1994 and at the same time started work at trade publisher Prometheus Bert Bakker. In January 2007 he joined and the e-books department of the publishing group NDC|VBK.

Paul Rutten (the Netherlands)

Paul Rutten

Paul Rutten has worked as a part-time professor at Leiden University, heading the MA programme Book and Digital Media Studies. He specializes in the consequences of digitization for media and publishing, concentrating among other things on the book publishing industry and scholarly communication. Part of his research, on behalf of OAPEN, a project funded by the EU Content Plus programme, focuses on the future of monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences. Since 2010 he has been visiting professor in Creative Industries and Innovation at Antwerp University. For the past three years he has also operated as an independent researcher, working for private and public clients on issues such as digitization, cross media and creative industries. Before joining Leiden University he was visiting professor in Cultural Industries at Erasmus University, senior researcher and consultant at TNO and professor in Media and Entertainment Industries at INHOLLAND University for Professional Education in Haarlem.

Jeroen Sondervan (Amsterdam University Press, the Netherlands)

Jeroen Sondervan

Jeroen Sondervan is humanities publisher at Amsterdam University Press. He studied Media and Information Management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) and Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). As well as publishing paper books, he works on digitalization projects, Open Access and e-journals at AUP. For the online Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries he is currently involved in a long-term project concerning ‘enriched publications’ in online scientific journals.

René van Stipriaan (Digital Library of Dutch Literature, the Netherlands)

René van Stipriaan

René van Stipriaan’s many interests include the Dutch Golden Age, the Italian Trecento and the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Over the past few years he has compiled a number of well-received collections of eyewitness reports: Eyewitnesses to World History (with Geert Mak), Eyewitnesses to the Golden Age and Eyewitnesses to Rock ’n’ Roll. In 2002 he published The Full Life, a richly illustrated history of sixteenth- to eighteenth-century Dutch literature. He is currently working on a book about the role of propaganda during the Dutch Revolt. René studied Dutch language and literature at the University of Amsterdam and gained his doctorate in 1995 on the subject of seventeenth-century Dutch comic theatre. He then worked for several years in publishing. Since 1998 he has been responsible for the structure and content of the much-visited Digital Library of Dutch Literature (

Daan Stoffelsen (, the Netherlands)

Daan Stoffelsen

Daan Stoffelsen is the editor of, Athenaeum Boekhandel’s website.’s primary focus lies on content rather than commerce and it publishes daily reviews, movies and the latest news about events in the literary world. Every evening at 8pm the homepage of the site shifts to another part of, where a new, lengthy prepublication, theme page or interview can be found, focusing on one book or author only. Step by step, this approach is proving commercially successful as well. In 2005 Stoffelsen founded, a Dutch review website. He also reviews literature for that site and, on a freelance basis, for the daily NRC Handelsblad. Since 2010 he has been active as an editor at the Dutch literary magazine De Revisor, the first magazine in the Netherlands to publish original prose and poetry exclusively online, at

Martien de Vletter (SUN, the Netherlands)

Martien de Vletter

Martien de Vletter worked at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam for more than ten years and since 2008 she has been publisher of architecture books at SUN in Amsterdam. SUN works with and for an international market, and since 2008 it has published eighty books in the fields of architecture, urban development and landscape. Since 2010, SUN has published the international journal A10 New European Architecture. Martien has also written books herself, on topics including Dutch modernist J.J.P. Oud, Dutch architecture in the 1970s, and architecture and urban development in Indonesia.

Geke van der Wal (Foundation for Special Journalistic Projects, the Netherlands)

Geke van der Wal

Geke van der Wal has a background in journalism. She is the director of the Foundation for Special Journalistic Projects and reviews non-fiction books on an irregular basis for the Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant. She is currently carrying out research for a biography of the Dutch publisher Rob van Gennep.

Lisa Liping Zhang (Shanda Literature Corporation, China)

Lisa Liping Zhang

Lisa Liping Zhang has a background in both traditional and digital publishing. She worked for an international publishing group as its chief representative in China for more than six years. A year and a half ago she joined Shanda Literature Corporation (SDL), China’s leading online literature publisher, as director of its overseas department. More information about Shanda can be found at She also has experience as a diplomat, a government employee and a teacher. She gained a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University in America.