December 20, 2006

Conference Proceedings

The proceedings for the Sixth NLPVF International Non-Fiction Conference, 2006 can be downloaded here (.pdf, right-click the link (Windows) or option-click (Apple) to download the file)

June 12, 2006


Friday, 19 May | De Rode Hoed | Keizersgracht 102 | Phone 638 56 06

Friday morning, 9.30 - 12.30 am

Commercial pressure: anathema to good publishing or essential to it?

Moderator Maarten Asscher former publisher of J.M. Meulenhoff and up to 2003 a cultural policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Culture, is managing director of Athenaeum Booksellers in Amsterdam and Haarlem. He is also a writer and a literary critic.

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List of Participants


Mauricio Bach : Destino, Spain
Hans Petter Bakketeig : Gyldendal, Norway
Tomáš Bóna : Argo, Czech Republic

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Non-Fiction in France

by Olivier Rubinstein

A large part of Denoël’s output consists of non-fiction works, essentially documents aimed at the general public (testimonies, studies, pamphlets, etc.) published in the « Impacts » and « Indigne » collections, as well as essays (on history, literature, social issues, etc.) published in the « Médiations » collection.

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Publishing Chinese Authors

by Toby Eady

I look at Chinese characters, I admire their practicality and then their beauty, I try to learn how they evolved. But what do they really mean? Do they have any meaning remotely similar to the Western alphabet? I want to discover China through its authors. I believe in language as a way to understand differing cultures. Chinese calligraphy appears to be a great wall. How to climb over it?

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Why We Need Literary Translation Now

by Dan Simon

(* Adapted for the fall 2003 issue of Publishing Research Quarterly from a talk presented at the First “Publishing Scandinavian Literature in Translation: Focus on Sweden” Conference, April 24, 2003, at the City University of New York, midtown campus, sponsored by the Center for Publishing at New York University and the Consulate General of Sweden in New York.)

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June 6, 2006

Photos of the conference

Some pictures of the event can be found here.