Conference Proceedings

The proceedings for the Sixth NLPVF International Non-Fiction Conference, 2006 can be downloaded here (.pdf, right-click the link (Windows) or option-click (Apple) to download the file)


Friday, 19 May | De Rode Hoed | Keizersgracht 102 | Phone 638 56 06

Friday morning, 9.30 - 12.30 am

Commercial pressure: anathema to good publishing or essential to it?

Moderator Maarten Asscher former publisher of J.M. Meulenhoff and up to 2003 a cultural policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Culture, is managing director of Athenaeum Booksellers in Amsterdam and Haarlem. He is also a writer and a literary critic.

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List of Participants


Mauricio Bach : Destino, Spain
Hans Petter Bakketeig : Gyldendal, Norway
Tomáš Bóna : Argo, Czech Republic

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Non-Fiction in France

by Olivier Rubinstein

A large part of Denoël’s output consists of non-fiction works, essentially documents aimed at the general public (testimonies, studies, pamphlets, etc.) published in the « Impacts » and « Indigne » collections, as well as essays (on history, literature, social issues, etc.) published in the « Médiations » collection.

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Publishing Chinese Authors

by Toby Eady

I look at Chinese characters, I admire their practicality and then their beauty, I try to learn how they evolved. But what do they really mean? Do they have any meaning remotely similar to the Western alphabet? I want to discover China through its authors. I believe in language as a way to understand differing cultures. Chinese calligraphy appears to be a great wall. How to climb over it?

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