00. Introduction

independent, personal publishers

The War on Globalisation, that has sprung up everywhere, will present great opportunities to independent, personal publishers.

The loser in the rat race

Many of the books that appear at present in Europe and the US, show poignantly the many concessions that are now made to the supposed demands of the market: there are quite a few authors who, encouraged by their editors, desperately try to adapt their works to the wishes of some abstract anonymous popular readership, in order not to become the loser in the rat race for the market place.

Journalism on a shoestring

There is hope for the ‘typical Dutch’ non-fiction book, typical, that is, of small countries, i.e.: journalism on a shoestring and from the rear lines.

Where do I find the time to write the next book?

Contacts with international agents, my Penguin publisher, editors, accountants, publicity: where do I find the time to write the next book?

The alternatives

Big publishers publish too many titles to find time for any others but their favourite authors. I, as one of the others, had to find alternatives myself.

Landing in the international book market

How I landed in the international book market, and never ceased to marvel, at myself and at the world of publishing.

My life changed

How my life as (translated) author has changed, and will change even more.


In order to be published internationally, a Dutch non-fiction writer must be more original in his choice of subject or concept than, for example, an American.