Nadia de Vries

Nadia de Vries (b. 1991) is a writer, poet and academic researcher. In 2018 she published a poetry bundle in English, titled Dark Hour, at Dostoyevsky Wannabe, where she also curated the poetry collection Amsterdam in 2020. Besides other works of poetry, she also self-published an anthology titled Sisternhood (2016), which gathered the work of new female European authors. Regarding her non-fiction work, her essays in Dutch have appeared in De Gids and nY. Her doctoral research at the University of Amsterdam focuses on the representation of the human corpse in contemporary digital culture.



De onzichtbare wereld van ziekte

(Pluim, 2019, 144 pagina's)

As a young girl, Nadia de Vries is diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis, a rare disease that can develop into an aggressive form of leukaemia. While doctors line up to examine her in the hospital, she is told she will likely never reach adulthood. Having made peace with death, she spends hours watching TV and on the computer; she never learns how to swim. But, when in her teens, De Vries makes a full recovery, she must find a place in the world in which she has never learned to live. Her resulting depressions and suicidal ‘aspirations’ are diagnosed as a personality disorder – a condition that only arouses scepticism and humiliation.

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