Francine Oomen

Author and illustrator Francine Oomen (b. 1960) studied at the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven. She has written more than a hundred children’s books, of which over three million have been sold. Oomen is best known for her How to Survive… series for teenagers, which has won her the Dutch Children’s Jury Prize many times. The series is credited with having got many an adolescent through difficult years. The books have been translated worldwide, and there have been a How to Survive… film, musical, tv series and magazine.

Oomen stroomt over

Oomen stroomt over

A journal of change

(Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2017, 232 pagina's)

Riding the Wave is the highly personal account of a woman confronting the menopause. ‘I was fifty-two and couldn’t stand being myself any longer,’ is how Oomen describes her search for the best way to cope with hot flushes, raging hormones, brain mush and the bodily transformation of a woman of a certain age, in a world where youth is the norm and ageing, especially women’s ageing, is supposed to remain invisible.

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