Ewoud Kieft

Ewoud Kieft (b. 1977) is a writer, historian and musician. In 2015 he published Oorlogsenthousiasme. Europa 1900-1918 (War Enthusiasm. Europe 1900-1918), about how members of the cultural elite of the early twentieth century were transformed into militant radicals who glorified war. The history journal Historisch Nieuwsblad described it as a ‘magnificent and rich book’, concluding: ‘Ewoud Kieft is the most important young Dutch historian of the present day.’

Het verboden boek

Het verboden boek

Mein Kampf en de aantrekkingskracht van het nazisme

(Atlas Contact, 2017, 288 pagina's)

The most notorious book in the world has not been read widely, most likely because it has been banned for decades in many countries. The accepted verdict is that it is not just depraved and dangerous, but that it is unreadable, the product of a disturbed mind.

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