Wieteke van Zeil

Art historian Wieteke van Zeil (b. 1973) worked in museums and ran debates. From 2010, she started taking photographs with her iPhone, details in paintings, and realized how often we miss the essential details about how people live, suffer, love, struggle and find enjoyment, as much hundreds of years ago as today. The essays in Up Closer, originally published in a Dutch daily paper, won the European Newspaper Award.



Kunst in details

(Atlas Contact, 2015, 255 pagina's)

Ernst Gombrich, cultural historian, once remarked: ‘One never finishes learning about art. There are always new things to discover.’ In Up Closer, art historian Wieteke van Zeil shows us details in paintings that we wouldn’t normally notice. She discusses their symbolism and shares her own associations with us, stimulating us to go back and look more closely.

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