Pauline de Bok

Pauline de Bok (b. 1956) read theology and philosophy before going into journalism and radio- documentaries. She lives partly in Amsterdam and partly in the Mecklenburg countryside, the latter the inspiration for Blankow or the longing for Heimat (2006) which was translated into German and awarded the Annalise-Wagner Prize. A novel The Huntress was published in 2014.



Een jachtjaar

(Ambo Anthos, 2016, 256 pagina's)

Prey is the account of Pauline de Bok’s hunting for wild boar, deer and fox in the German countryside. When she had success and killed an animal, she took her catch back to the barn, skinned it, cut it up and ate it. She describes in detail the whole process of the chase, from spotting the first spoor, to the lying in wait, killing, dragging back the kill and skinning it, and, finally, digesting it. ‘Lunch at last, I’m starving. I cut lumps of fat from its belly, and melt them in the pan to fry a couple of thin slices of liver. Smells even better than when fried in butter. Bread on the side, buttermilk, and that’s it.’

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