Rudi Westendorp

Rudi Westendorp is a medical doctor, professor of medicine at Leiden University and founder and director of the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing, which offers courses, conducts research and initiates developments that improve the quality of life for older people. Westendorp frequently appears in the media, making his knowledge available to a wide audience.

Oud worden zonder het te zijn

Oud worden zonder het te zijn

Over vitaliteit en veroudering

(Atlas Contact, 2014, 296 pagina's)

If we look at how the course of human life has changed, two recent develop­ments stand out: more people than ever are growing old, and far more people than ever are growing older. What are the causes of these new developments? Has modern science found the key to eternal life? And what do longer life spans mean for the way we organize our societies? How can older people best prepare themselves for living considerably longer?

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