Kristien Dieltiens

Kristien Dieltiens (b. 1954) is at her best when writing historical novels. Just like Cellar Child, Papinette, Olrac and Candide are interwoven with historical facts and customs. Her debut De Gouden Bal (The Golden Ball, 1997) centres on the death of a child. Since then, she has published forty-nine books, seven of which have been translated into a total of nine languages. Typical of her writing are lively portrayals of the past and psychologically complex characters, of which Manfred Ostheim from Cellar Child is a most intriguing example.



(De Eenhoorn, 2012, 496 pagina's)

Kaspar Hauser has intrigued historians, writers and artists for centuries. The teenage Kaspar appeared out of the blue in Nuremberg in 1828, hardly able to speak or walk, and was murdered a few years later. Kristien Dieltiens has constructed a masterful novel around Kaspar’s life.

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