Tamara Bos

Tamara Bos (b. 1967) is the daughter of film producer and author Burny Bos. She followed in his footsteps and became famous as the scriptwriter of Het paard van Sinterklaas (2005). Like her father, she is able to see things through a child’s eyes and always succeeds in lending a surprising twist to her stories.

Papa, hoor je me?

Papa, hoor je me?

(Leopold, 2011, 48 pagina's)

Polle is sitting beside his father’s dead body, giving him a lively and honest account of the events following his death: who’s been to visit, how strangely grown-ups talk about death and what’s going to happen at his funeral. He brings up memories of his father, both good ones and not such good ones. He’s even brave enough to say: ‘Sometimes, but hardly ever at all, I was sorry you were my dad.’

This may sound a little like the well-known Dutch pastime of breaking taboos, but this honesty is the true strength of this story by Tamara Bos, as both the dead father and his son are presented in a way that is very believable.

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