Tessa de Loo

Tessa de Loo (b. 1945) majored in Dutch and taught for several years before making her debut as a writer with the short-story collection De meisjes van de suikerwerkfabriek (‘The Candy Factory Girls’, 1983, Anton Wachter Prize and Gouden Ezelsoor 1984), which became a great success. After this she wrote the novel Meander (1986) and the gift novella for National Book Week 1987 Het rookoffer (‘The Burnt Offering’). Following her novel Isabelle (1989). In 1993 her voluminous novel De tweeling (‘The Twins’) appeared, and it has proven her biggest success to date.

De tweeling

De tweeling

(De Arbeiderspers, 1993, 435 pagina's)

Her novel De tweeling is De Loo’s most ambitious work to date. Not only is it her most voluminous novel, its subject matter is heavy as well. ‘Love’ here concerns the love between blood relatives, and power here refers to the influence of leaders and national character on individuals.

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