Mels van Driel

Mels van Driel is a urologist and sexologist attached to the University Medical Centre in Groningen. In 1991 he wrote a postdoctoral thesis on the subject of erectile dysfunction. He is responsible for numerous scientific publications and has frequently written for newspapers and magazines.

Geheime delen

Geheime delen

Alles wat je er altijd al over wilde weten

(De Arbeiderspers, 2008, 501 pagina's)

Why does drinking alcohol increase a woman’s sexual desire but reduce a man’s ability to perform? Why is the glans not the most sensitive part of the penis? Why is sperm sticky? Can a penis break off ? What about all the diseases that torment the hypochondriac? Since 1983 Mels van Driel has come into direct contact with, as he puts it, ‘tens of thousands of penises and testicles’ in his medical practice. He knows his subject intimately.

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