Geert Kimpen

Geert Kimpen (b. 1965) was born in Belgium and followed the director’s programme at the Amsterdam College of Arts. Since 1990, he has been living in the Netherlands where he writes for the theatre, cabaret, and television. Kimpen wrote columns for an esoteric magazine, co-operated on Eric Woolfson’s script for the musical Gaudi, and wrote the monologue, De verliefde componist (Composer in Love) on Hector Berlioz. The novel will be published simultaneously in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in Spring 2007.

De kabbalist

De kabbalist

(De Arbeiderspers, 2006, 348 pagina's)

Due to his interest in Judaism in general and in the Kabbalah in particular, Geert Kimpen came across the story of Chaim Vital: a littleknown sixteenth-century rabbi who recorded the ideas of Itschak Luria. Without Vital’s literary talent, no one would know about Itschak Luria, the founder of a Kabbalah school that still exists today.

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