Ineke Holtwijk

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Ineke Holtwijk was Latin America correspondent for over fifteen years for, among others, de Volkskrant and national television news. In 1995 she published Cannibals in Rio about life in Brazil, which won her the Golden Dog-Ear (a prize for the best-selling literary debut of the year). That same year her children’s book Asphalt Angels appeared, about a street child in Rio. In 1999 she published Nostalgia for the Horizon, a collection of travel stories about Latin America.



(Atlas, 2006, 356 pagina's)

It is amazing to discover that in a country as modern as Brazil at least fifteen totally unknown native Indian tribes live deep in the Amazon rainforest; no one can say what kind of language they speak, what they call themselves or what their customs are. In 1995 a group of semi-naked nomads was discovered only twenty kilometres from the inhabited world, in RondĂ´nia, which lies across the main transit route for cocaine from Bolivia. Rapid tree clearance had caught them by surprise and stranded them in a small stretch of forest surrounded by pasture.

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