Margriet Heymans

Margriet Heymans (b. 1932) was born into a large family in Den Bosch and lived through the Second World War as a child. She studied at art academy, also teaching there for many years. She has written and illustrated such books as Lieveling, boterbloem (1989) and, together with her sister Annemie, she created De prinses van de moestuin (1991) and De wezen van Woesteland (1997). For her use of language and her illustrations she has won almost all of the prizes possible to win in the Netherlands.

Diep in het bos van Nergena

Diep in het bos van Nergena

(Querido Kinderboeken, 2005, 60 pagina's)

It really doesn’t get much more cold-hearted than this: one Sunday evening in September, Uncle Pep comes to town on his motorbike to borrow one of his nieces. And who better than Frieda the pest? She has to go with him to the family’s remote house to entertain her lonely and maladjusted cousin Jet.

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