Jelto Drenth

Jelto Drenth works as a sexologist at the Rutgers Foundation in Groningen, famed for its woman-friendly, indeed feminist health care. He is something of an exception in the world of sexology, since, in addition to his original training as a doctor, he is also qualified in its more psychotherapeutic aspects. He is published widely in specialist journals.

De oorsprong van de wereld

De oorsprong van de wereld

Feiten en mythen over het vrouwelijk geslacht

(De Arbeiderspers, 2002, 373 pagina's)

The Origin of the World is a revealing and liberating study of female sexuality. Sexologist Jelto Drenth writes on his subject soberly and well, and with an appealing touch of humour, thereby giving the impression that his work is perfectly normal. This is an achievement in itself, since public discussion of the most intimate areas of life is still exceptional in the post-feminist age.

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