Esther J. Ending

Esther J. Ending (b. 1975) spent her childhood on Ibiza, where her Dutch mother had settled. She came to Amsterdam ten years ago, where she has worked as a computer specialist. She has been writing stories since she was eight. Na Valentijn is her first novel and was awarded the Debutanten Award 2004. Ending is currently working on her second book.

Na Valentijn

Na Valentijn

(Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2004, 224 pagina's)

Esther J. Ending’s debut Na Valentijn (After Valentine) is characterised by her convincing rendering of troubled characters. The narrator is Rain, daughter of an insecure and irresponsible hippie mother, who is a typical example of what Ending describes as the lax and self-centered ‘love generation’. Rain is in her late twenties, a translator and lives with her sex-addict brother, Storm, whose bed she shares occasionally. Her sister Pillow is an alcoholic, her brother Forest smokes too many joints and her twin brother, Ocean, committed suicide eight years earlier.

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