Eriek Verpale

Eriek Verpale (1952-2015) made his literary debut in 1975 with a collection of poems. Only much later did he begin writing prose. Alles in het klein (Everything in Miniature, 1990), a charming and moving novel told in the form of letters and stories, was awarded the ncr Prize. In Olivetti 82 (1993) he describes the effects that winning this prize had on his career. Verpale has also published Nachten van Beiroet (Beirut Nights, 1994, poems), Onder vier ogen (Privately, 1992, an exchange of letters with fellow poet Luuk Gruwez) and the short story Grasland (Grassland, 1996).



(De Arbeiderspers, 1997, 150 pagina's)

‘In September of the year nineteen-hundred and seventy-six, I had been married for three years and was hopelessly in love: not with my wife, but with her niece. Gitta was fourteen, I was twenty-four.’ The opening sentences of Eriek Verpale’s new novel are right on target: in Gitta he uses a poignant and lively style to tell of his consuming love for his very own Lolita.

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