Paul Verhuyck

Paul Verhuyck was born in Antwerp in 1940. He has been living in the Netherlands for over for over twenty years, where he is a teacher of French language and literature at the University of Leiden. His first novel De doodbieren was published in 1991 and awarded the Flemish Debut Prize and the Dutch Anton Wachter Prize. It was followed by Moord door geboorte (1993) and De binnendienst (1995, shortlisted for both the ako- and Libris Literature Prize. Hout en koper is his fourth novel.

Hout en koper

Hout en koper

(De Arbeiderspers, 2011, 318 pagina's)

The narrator in Hout en koper once attended lectures given by a professor who was obsessed by ‘telling stories back to front, in retrospection, from the grave to the cradle, from the moment of death to the moment of conception.’ The professor strayed off ‘on the waves of his inspiration’, where finally a vividness of form and perspective emerged. This is exactly what Paul Verhuyck does in his latest novel.

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