Hanneke de Jong

Hanneke de Jong was born in 1952 in Friesland. After teacher training college she taught for several years. She married, had children and then went back to studying. Once she had qualified to teach Friesian, she started writing stories and musicals. Her first story for adults was awarded the Rely Jorritsma Prize. To write The Last Letter which was first published in Frisian, she retreated from her growing children, and the noise and activity at home to a caravan in Gaasterland. In 2000 she was awarded a Silver Pin for the book by the Friesian youth literature jury. She translated the book into Dutch and was rewarded by the Golden Kiss jury in 2002 with an honourable mention.

De laatste brief

De laatste brief

(Van Goor, 2001, 143 pagina's)

The Last Letter is a lively debut for young readers by the Friesian writer, Hanneke de Jong. The story describes the changing relationship between fifteen-year-old Berber, and her mother, seen through the daughter’s eyes. They live alone together; Berber’s father walked out on the family for another, younger woman and her older brother is away at university. Berber is in her fourth year of secondary school and her mother works part-time. The daughter comes across as a high-spirited, awkward teenager, entirely obsessed with her own appearance and with Erik, her classmate, with whom she is in love.

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