Maranke Rinck en Martijn van der Linden

Bob Popcorn

An irresistible character with an insatiable appetite

Ellis has no idea what just hit her. She thinks she’s making popcorn in the microwave when… two legs suddenly pop out of a piece of corn. And two arms. Ellis had no idea that bits of corn could look quite so angry, but this one certainly does. When she opens the door and he come stomping out, he introduces himself as Bob Popcorn. Bob turns out to be an odd little guy with an insatiable appetite.

Querido’s ‘Tijgerlezen’ series features books for beginning readers with an emphasis on excitement and humour. With Bob Popcorn, Maranke Rinck and Martijn van der Linden (illustrations) have created an irresistible character who has already become a classic and who turns Ellis’s life upside down with his wacky ideas and unpredictable tantrums.

Rinck and Van der Linden don’t just work together, but are also a couple, and their close collaboration can clearly be seen in this book. The black-and-white illustrations continue the story where the words leave off, forming an integral part of the story, as in the books of Jeff Kinney. And like the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, this is also a series, with Part Two (Bob Popcorn – The Popcorn Spy) coming out this spring. In their new series, Rinck and Van der

Linden create a nice balance between fantasy and reality. With her two dads and a teacher who forces the class to follow a health regime (strictly no popcorn!), Ellis is very much a modern girl. But thanks to her new and explosive chum, the reader is drawn into a world where imagination rules the roost. Bob Popcorn is a Dutch Karllson-on-the-Roof, a modern Wiplala, a little guy, who with all his pig-headed obstinacy, is both amusing and touching. The first print run sold out in no time, and Bob’s success has only just begun.

I hope this book becomes very popular.

de Volkskrant

The fun bursts off the page.

Maranke Rinck

Maranke Rinck (b. 1976) studied a number of different subjects before graduating in social studies and going on to educate primary-school teachers. She also writes stories. Meisjes om te zoenen and Het prinsenkind, written for the illustrations of Martijn van der Linden, are her first published…

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Bob Popcorn (2019). Kinder- en jeugdboeken, 160 pagina's.


Martijn van der Linden

Age: 6+


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