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2010 年上海世博会上举办荷兰文学活动

Presentation of Dutch literature at the Shanghai World Expo 2010


在荷兰文化馆活动的最后一周,我们将举办一系列“阿姆斯特丹文学咖啡馆”的活动。届时,荷中两国的作家将登台进行交流。 2011年,荷兰将作为主宾国参加北京国际图书博览会。荷兰国土虽小,但活力四射,文化生活丰富多彩。近年来,中国的出版社与读者开始对荷兰文化有所了解,并发掘了大批生动有趣的文学作品。许多中国出版社已引进了一批荷兰作家的作品,其中包括儿童文学、经典、非虚构和诗歌作品,以及荷兰当代小说。

In the final week of the World Expo, the Dutch Cultural Centre in Shanghai (DCC) will open its doors to Café Amsterdam, a series of literary events bringing Dutch and Chinese authors together on stage. The Netherlands will be guest of honour at the 2011 Beijing International Book Fair and it intends to present itself there as a small but dynamic country with a rich cultural life. In recent years, Chinese publishers and readers have discovered that part of the Dutch nation’s cultural wealth consists of vibrant and fascinating literature, and many Chinese publishing houses are now presenting Dutch authors to a Chinese readership, including writers of children’s literature, classics, non-fiction and poetry, as well as contemporary fiction.


8月24日,周二 19时30分 Tuesday 24 August, 7.30 pm

阿姆斯特丹文学咖啡馆:开幕式将有现场朗读和音乐演奏,庆祝阿姆斯特丹文学咖啡馆活动在上海举行。 特邀嘉宾王安忆、玛格丽特·德默尔、陈村、安娜·恩奎斯特

Café Amsterdam: a festive opening event with readings and live music to celebrate the start of Café Amsterdam in Shanghai. With Wang Anyi, Margriet de Moor, Chen Cun and Anna Enquist
In every country the café is the perfect meeting place - for friends and couples, of course, but also for artists and writers. The city with the highest density of cafés in the world is Amsterdam. For this opening programme the DCC will be transformed into an Amsterdam café and the setting for a varied and surprising series of literary and musical events, with live music as well as Dutch and Chinese authors reading from their work.


8月25日,周三 19时30分 Wednesday 25 August, 7.30 pm


Wang Anyi in conversation with Margriet de Moor, moderated by Chen Sihe
This event brings two of the greatest authors of Chinese and Dutch literature together on stage: Wang Anyi and Margriet de Moor. Both have gained an international readership with their refined and subtle storytelling. Margriet de Moor's Drowned recently appeared in Chinese translation, published by Shanghai Literature and Arts. The conversation between the two writers will be led by literary critic Chen Sihe.


8月26日,周四 19时30分 Thursday 26 August, 7.30 pm


Chen Cun in conversation with Anna Enquist
Anna Enquist, whose The Masterpiece recently appeared in Chinese translation from Shanghai Literature and Arts, draws inspiration for their literary work from music and the visual arts. Chen Cun recently spent several months in the Netherlands as a writer in residence, one of the main reasons for accepting this invitation was his great interest in painting. At this event they will talk about literature and the arts.


8月27日,周五 19时30分 Friday 27 August, 7.30 pm

世界知名作家塞斯·诺特博姆,无可争议是荷兰当代文学的代表, 而且在某种程度上可以说是荷兰当代文学世界性的象征。他创作的大量不同体裁的作品中,已有三本中文译本:《万灵节》和《仪式》,皆由译林出版社出版,《绕道去圣地亚哥》 由花城出版社出版。

Bi Feiyu interviews Cees Nooteboom
The internationally renowned author Cees Nooteboom is the undisputed standard bearer of contemporary Dutch literature and in a sense a symbol of its cosmopolitanism. Three titles from his extensive and varied oeuvre have appeared in Chinese translation: the novels All Souls and Rituals (both Yilin Press) and the travelogue Roads to Santiago (Flower City Publishing House).


荷兰文化馆的文学活动将免费对外开放 。
周二至周日, 11.00 - 19.00时。
办公时间周一至周五, 10.00 - 18.00时。

All these events will be held in the Dutch Cultural Centre (DCC). Entrance is free.
Dutch Culture Centre opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.
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