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2010 年上海世博会上举办荷兰文学活动

Presentation of Dutch literature at the Shanghai World Expo 2010


2011年,荷兰将作为主宾国参加北京国际图书博览会。荷兰国土虽小,但活力四射,文化生活丰富多彩。近年来,中国的出版社与读者开始对荷兰文化有所了解,并发掘了大批生动有趣的文学作品。许多中国出版社已引进了一批荷兰作家的作品,其中不仅包括当代小说,还有一些儿童文学、经典文学和非小说类文学以及诗歌作品。 在上海举办的"阿姆斯特丹文学咖啡馆"活动将是2011年荷兰在北京图博会的一次预热。三位荷兰著名作家将与三位中国同行一起讨论并朗读自己作品的片段。参加活动的荷中作家有:塞斯•诺特博姆、玛格丽特•德默尔、安娜•恩奎斯特、王安忆、陈村、毕飞宇。

In the final week of the World Expo, the Dutch Cultural Centre in Shanghai (DCC) will open its doors to Café Amsterdam, a series of literary events bringing Dutch and Chinese authors together on stage. The Netherlands will be guest of honour at the 2011 Beijing International Book Fair and it intends to present itself there as a small but dynamic country with a rich cultural life. In recent years, Chinese publishers and readers have discovered that part of the Dutch nation's cultural wealth consists of vibrant and fascinating literature, and many Chinese publishing houses are now presenting Dutch authors to a Chinese readership, including writers of children's literature, classics, non-fiction and poetry, as well as contemporary fiction. The Café Amsterdam programme in Shanghai offers an interesting preview of the presentation planned for Beijing in 2011. Three prominent Dutch authors - Cees Nooteboom, Margriet de Moor and Anna Enquist - will discuss their work and read to a Chinese audience along with their Chinese colleagues Wang Anyi, Chen Cun and Bi Feiyu.

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协调人: Bas Pauw, Tiziano Perez
翻译: Aurea Sison, Liz Waters
制作: Dick Broer
设计: Philip Stroomberg

Nederlands Letterenfonds
Dutch Foundation for Literature
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Co-ordination: Bas Pauw, Tiziano Perez
Translation: Aurea Sison, Liz Waters
Production: Dick Broer
Design: Philip Stroomberg