Quotes on Hugo Claus

Victoria Glendinning on The Sorrow of Belgium
The Times June 28, 1990
"The author is a poet, a dramatist and a film-maker, as well as a novelist, and he brings the skills of all these roles to his 600 pages. To give yourself up to The Sorrow of Belgium is to remember what total immersion in a book felt like in adolescence."

Richard Burns on The Sorrow of Belgium
The Independent July 28, 1990
"The Sorrow of Belgium is impressive in size and ambition: bildungsroman and epic, it is as if A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man were written to the scale of Ulysses. The comparison with Joyce is more then fortuitous, for The Sorrow of Belgium centres on early adolescence, Catholicism, and on a boy turning not into a man but into that slightly different beast, a writer."

Paul Binding on The Swordfish
TLS 13-12-96
"Hugo Claus, who is the author of the widely acclaimed The sorrow of Belgium (1990), is pre-eminent among Flemisch (indeed Belgian) writers, several times a candidate for the Nobel Prize. Of the sophistication of his art, its sureness of touch, the deftness with which it handles characters, events, symbolically charged places and objects, there can be no doubt, especially as Ruth Levitt's translation reads easily and sensitively."

Trouw (a Dutch daily paper) on Belladonna:
"Claus has decribed all these events masterfully, succinctly, humorously, venomenously, in his almost physical language. This is what makes Belladonna so engaging to read (...). It is a great novel in which a great deal of artistic humbug is ridiculed (...) and in which Claus's imaginative talent has been able to unfold in all its variety and scope."