Café Amsterdam

All over the world, the bar is the meeting place par excellence for lovers, business partners, and also for artists and writers. The French artist Roland Topor even regarded a visit to the bar as his most creative activity. From August 26 to September 5 São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can count on an eruption of creative expression as several venues, bookstores and libraries open their doors to Café Amsterdam: a series of literary events in which Dutch and Brazilian writers, comic-strip artists, children’s books authors and musicians meet one another and enter into discussions with the public about life in the modern city, literature and morality, Vincent van Gogh, Anne Frank, and much more. Check out our unique line-up of sparkling debates, interviews, films and exhibitions, featuring well-known Dutch and Brazilian talent. Join them at Café Amsterdam, where you meet friends, hear stories, meet a new love, discover a masterpiece, or simply kill time.

Café Amsterdam - Sao Paulo

Wednesday 26 August
Casa das Rosas, 7 pm

Café Amsterdam opening event:
Amsterdam for beginners – Sao Paulo for experts

Festive opening with readings, music and film celebrating the city as a source of literary inspiration. Insightful,humorous, and surprising stories of two cities that are in many respects their opposites. With Arnon Grunberg, Toine Heijmans, Tommy Wieringa, Daniel Galera and Michel Laub.
Presenter Paulo Werneck
Show - Diogo Poças

Thursday 27 August
Livraria Da Vila, 7 pm

Tommy Wieringa in conversation with Daniel Galera about Joe Speedboat

On winners, losers and forces of nature.
Moderator Manuel da Costa Pinto

Friday 28 August
Livraria Martins Fontes Avenida Paulista, 7 pm

Arnon Grunberg and Michel Laub

On literature, morality and the power of the imagination.

Saturday 29 August
Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, 12 pm

Alexander Calder’s thread, Theatre
By Ton Meijer

Interactive theatre about the work of Alexander Calder for children from 5 years up, with music by Eric Satie and other contemporaries of Calder.

Saturday August 29
Livraria Martins Fontes Avenida Paulista, 3 am

The World of Anne Frank

A conversation with Janny van der Molen and Noemi Jaffe. Moderator Guiomar de Grammont.

Saturday 29 August
Livraria Cultura Paulista, 5 pm

Conversation with Arnon Grunberg
Moderator Matthew Shirts

Saturday 29 August
Casa das Rosas, 7 pm

The Amsterdam connection: a poetic evening

Poetry readings by Arjen Duinker, Frabricio Corsaletti, Leonardo Gandolfi and Alberto Martins
Moderator Ana Lima Cecilio

Sunday 30 August
Livraria da Vila da al Lorena, 2 pm

Alexander Calder’s thread, Theatre
By Ton Meijer

Interactive theatre about the work of Alexander Calder for children from 5 years up, with music by Eric Satie and other contemporaries of Calder.

Sunday 30 August
Livraria Cultura Paulista, 3 pm

Toine Heijmans in conversation with Joao Carrascoza about his novel At Sea

On parental love, family and the fear of loss.
Moderator Samuel Titan

Sunday 30 August
Livraria Martins Fontes Avenida Paulista, 4 pm

Emotions and images

A conversation about the graphic novel with Barbara Stok and Rafael Coutinho.
Moderator André Conti

Sunday August 30
Livraria Da Vila da Al Lorena, 5.30 pm

Marjolijn Hof in conversation with Ilan Brenman about her book Against the Odds

Café Amsterdam - Rio de Janeiro

Monday 31 August
Livraria da Travessa Leblon, 7 pm

Roundtable and signing of Janny van der Molen O mundo de Anne Frank

Tuesday 1 September
Biblioteca Parque, 5 pm

Café Amsterdam opening event

Festive event with readings and film on family, children and other discomforts. With Toine Heijmans, Arnon Grunberg, Arjen Duinker, Marjolijn Hof, Cristiane Costa and Pedro Bial. Presenter: Miguel Conde
Show - Diogo Poças

Wednesday 2 september
Biblioteca Parque, 4 pm

Lotte Tabbers and Marjolijn Hof: Taking Chances - from book to film

Screening of Taking Chances and afterwards screenwriter Lotte Tabbers and book author Marjolijn Hof talk about the book to film adaptation process.

Wednesday 2 september
Travessa (Leblon), 7.30 pm

Toine Heijmans and Arnon Grunberg:
Helpless Heroes

Fathers and daughters in the works of Heijmans and Grunberg.
Moderator: Cristiani Costa

Thursday 3 september
Biblioteca Parque, 4 pm

Rudolf van den Berg and Arnon Grunberg: Tirza - from book to film

Screening of Tirza and afterwards director/screenwriter Rudolf van den Berg and book author Arnon Grunberg talk about the book to film adaptation process.

Thursday 3 september
Travessa (Centro), 6 pm

On adapting the life of Vincent van Gogh for comic strip

Graphic novelist Barbara Stok in conversation with Arnaldo Branco.

Thursday 3 September
Travessa (Leblon), 7.30 pm

Tommy Wieringa in conversation with Paulo Scott on refuge, exile and the pursuit of happiness.
Moderator: Guiomar de Grammont.

Friday 4 September
Biblioteca Parque, 5 pm

Alexander Calder’s thread
By Ton Meijer

Interactive theatre about the work of Alexander Calder for children from 5 years up, with music by Eric Satie and other contemporaries of Calder.


Pedro Bial

Pedro Bial was born in 1958 and has a degree in journalism from PUC-RJ. He has worked at Rede Globo since 1981 and has held numerous positions and made historical reports. He is currently the host of his own program, has written several books and directed two films.

Ilan Brenman

Ilan Brenman is considered one of the main children's book authors in Brazil. For O Alvo he received from the FNLIJ (National Children and Youth Book Foundation) the award for Best Book for Children 2011. He has an MA and PhD from the College of Education at USP, and a BA in Psychology from the Catholic University of São Paulo. He has published over 60 books (some awarded and translated abroad: Poland, China, Spain, Korea, Mexico, France, Denmark, Sweden and Italy). In 2011 he became a columnist for the magazine Crescer where he writes about issues related to education and culture. In 2014 he started two weekly bulletins on CBN radio on issues related to education and literature.

João Anzanello Carrascoza

João Anzanello Carrascoza, born in São Paulo in 1962, started writing at a very young age. He served as a copywriter for many years in Brazil’s major advertising agencies, while also teaching at the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo, where he graduated and later received his doctorate degree. He has written short stories and novels for which he received major awards. His work is translated into English, French, Italian, Swedish and Spanish.

Miguel Conde

Miguel Conde was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1981. He worked as a columnist and assistant editor at “O Globo”’s literary supplement, “Prosa”, and was the programme director for two editions of the Paraty International Literary Festival (Flip), in 2012 and 2013. His texts have been published also at “Folha de S. Paulo” newspaper and at “Letterature d’America” and “Estudos de Literatura Brasileira Contemporânea” magazines. He works at the moment as the editorial coordinator of Rocco publishing house.

André Conti

André Conti, born in 1981 in Sao Paulo, is a journalist, editor and translator. He works at Companhia das Letras since 2005 as editor of literature and comics.

Fabricio Corsaletti

Fabricio Corsaletti was born in Santo Anastacio, São Paulo. He graduated in Literature from USP and published, among other titles, King Kong e cervejas (stories, 2008), Estudos para o seu corpo (poems, 2007) and Esquimó (poems, 2010), all at Companhia das Letras.

Cristiane Costa

Cristiane Costa is a journalist, author, and Professor at the UFRJ. She published six books, among others Sujeito Oculto (Bolsa Petrobras de Produção Literária), Pena de Aluguel: escritores jornalistas no Brasil (Bolsa Vitae de Literatura) and China made in Brasil.

Manuel da Costa Pinto

Born in 1966, Manuel da Costa Pinto is a journalist and literary critic with a postgraduate degree in literary theory at University of São Paulo (USP). Costa Pinto has published Paisagens Interiores e Outros Ensaios, Antologia Comentada da Poesia Brasileira do Século 21, Literatura Brasileira Hoje and Albert Camus – Um Elogio do Ensaio. Nowadays, Costa Pinto is columnist of “sãopaulo” magazine and editor of the supplement “Guia Folha – Livros, Discos, Filmes”, at Folha de S.Paulo.

Rafael Coutinho

Rafael Coutinho is a designer, animator, artist and cartoonist. Born in São Paulo in 1980, graduated from UNESP Arts in 2004. In 2010 he finished his first feature film script (Spread - in partnership with writer Peppe Siffredi) and his first graphic novel Cachalote (Ed Comics in Cia. ), together with writer Daniel Galera. He is currently working on his first solo story entitled Mensur, as well as Beijo Adolescente 3, scheduled for the second half of 2015. 2015 will also see the launch of the anthology O Fabuloso Quadrinho Brasileiro de 2015.

Arjen Duinker

Arjen Duinker has published a novel and eleven volumes of poetry. In 2005 he was one of twenty-two poets who worked on a Dutch translation of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. In his poetry he tries to shed his own personality and baggage. He longs to be part of a reality experienced not with the mind but with the senses, and his poems come right up to his readers, go through their pockets, amiably but determinedly shaking them down.
His anthology Antalogia provisória will be published in Brazil in August by Confraria do Vento.

Daniel Galera

Daniel Galera (São Paulo, 1979) is a Brazilian writer, translator and editor. He was born in São Paulo, but was raised and spent most of his life in Porto Alegre, until 2005 when he went back to São Paulo. He is considered by critics to be one of the most influential young authors in Brazilian literature. Galera is one of the founders of the publishing house Livros do Mal and had some of his works adapted into plays and movies.

Leonardo Gandolfi

Leonardo Gandolfi was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1981. He is Professor of Portuguese literature at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, and author of No entanto d’água (7Letras, 2006), A morte de Tony Bennett (Lumme Editor, 2010) and Kansas (Megamíni, 2015).

Guiomar de Grammont

Guiomar de Grammont is a writer, playwright and professor at the Federal University of Ouro Preto. She published works of ficction, non fiction and was awarded the Prêmio Casa de Las Américas for her collection of short stories, Sudário, Corpo e sangue e O fruto do vosso ventre. De Grammont worked as an editor at publishing house Record, was curator of the Bienais do Livro and of international presentations of Brazilian literature in Bogota and Paris. She currently directs the Fórum das Letras de Ouro Preto, which she founded in 2005.

Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg made his bestselling debut at twenty-three with Blue Mondays (1994), which describes the world of prostitution with wry humour. As well as highly original novels he writes plays, essays and columns. Grunberg continually reinvents himself, yet all his books feature his unforgiving eye for human frailties and his compelling, ironic style. He has twice won the AKO Literature Prize, as well as the Libris Literature Prize and the Flemish Golden Owl. He lives and works in New York.
His novel Tirza was published in Brazil this July by Rádio Londres.

Toine Heijmans

Toine Heijmans is a journalist and non-fiction author whose highly acclaimed debut novel At Sea (2011) has been published in several languages. It tells of a man who fails as a father. He sets out on a lonely adventure during which, with the final harbour in sight, disaster strikes. Or does it? Heijmans’ straightforward style is perfectly suited to a tale in which we gradually realize that nothing is as it seems.
At Sea (No mar) was published in Brazil this July by Cosac Naify.

Marjolijn Hof

Marjolijn Hof is one of Holland’s most successful contemporary children’s book authors and her work has been translated into many different languages. She has won all the major prizes for children’s literature in Dutch. She addresses serious themes in lively language, depicting hilarious scenes without ever trivializing her characters or their concerns. Her dialogue is direct and disarming, her observations always spot on.
Against the Odds (Um fio de esperança) was published in Brazil in 2010 by Martins Fontes.

Noemi Jaffe

Noemi Jaffe is a writer, professor of literature and a literary critic. She published O que os cegos estao sonhando? (Ed. 34), A verdadeira historia do alfabeto (Companhia das Letras) and Irisz: as orquideas (Companhia das Letras)m amongst others. She writes for Folha de S. Paulo, and teaches creative writing at Casa do Saber and Instituto Superior de Educacao Vera Cruz.

Michel Laub

Michel Laub was born in Porto Alegre in 1973. He is a writer and journalist, and published six novels, all with Companhia das Letras. In 2006 O segundo tempo, in 2011 Diário da queda, which will be made into a film, and in 2013 A maçã envenenada. His books were sold to twelve countries and nine languages. He received several prizes: JQ – Winagte (UK, 2015), Transfuge (France, 2014), Jabuti (second place, 2014), Bravo Prime (2011) and Bienal de Brasília (2012). He lives in Sâo Paulo.

Ana Lima Cecilio

Ana Lima Cecilio is editor of the imprint Biblioteca Azul of Globo Livros.

Ton Meijer

Ton Meijer studied drama and worked as an actor at home and abroad. He developed his own successful form of children’s theatre in which he uses a book as the basis for a play. Sieb Posthuma began his career as an illustrator before making his writing debut with books about his little dog Rintje, who soon became a familiar character to Dutch people of all ages. His picture book about Alexander Calder is a celebration of the imagination.

Janny van der Molen

Janny van der Molen is a journalist and theologian whose books encourage children to become involved in society and to get the best out of themselves. Her child-friendly version of the story of Anne Frank was nominated for the Thea Beckman Prize and was followed by a biography of Etty Hillesum, another ordinary and extraordinary young woman who kept a diary in the years leading up to her death in a concentration camp.
Outside it's War (O mundo de Anne Frank) will be published in Brazil this year by Rocco.

Diogo Poças

Diogo Pocas is a composer, singer and music producer. With influences in Brasilian and Latin music, Diogo is a multi-instrumentalist and lyrical singer. His second record, Imune, mixes MPB, bossa nova, samba and samba de gafieira.

Paulo Scott

Paulo Scott (Porto Alegre, 1966) published five poetry collections, of which Mesmo sem dinheiro comprei um esqueite novo (Companhia das Letras) won the Premio da Associacao Paulista de Criticos de Arte 2014; and five novels, of which Ainda orangotangos (Bertrand Brasil) was adapted for cinema by Gustavo Spolidoro and won the 13th Film Festival of Milan, and Habitante irreal (Alfaguara), which won the Premio Machado de Assis and was published in Germany, Portugal, the UK and USA.

Matthew Shirts

Matthew Shirts writes for the magazine Veja São Paulo, is editor in chief of the site Sustainable Planet and editor at ABC studio. He was chronicler for Estado de São Paulo from 1994 to 2011 and directed National Geographic Brazil from 2000 to 2013. He is the author of the collection of chronicles, O jeitinho americano (Realejo, 2010), and editor of Herança Compartilhada (Sensac, 2013). Born in America, he moved to São Paulo in the 1980s. He has a degree in Latin American studies from the University of California at Berkeley. He also studied at USP and Stanford.

Barbara Stok

Comic-book writer and illustrator Barbara Stok has worked for a children’s television programme and for newspapers. Vincent, released in many countries around the world, depicts the turbulent period Vincent van Gogh spent in the south of France. His ideas about success and how to create a meaningful life provide a fascinating counterpoint to our age of individualism and economic preoccupations. Stok knows exactly how to adapt serious art in a playful way to suit the medium of the graphic novel.
Vincent has been published in Brazil in 2014 by L&PM Editores.

Samuel Titan Jr.

Samuel Titan Jr. studied philosophy and literature in São Paulo, Brazil, where he teaches Comparative Literature at the University of São Paulo. Besides working as a literary translator into Portuguese, he directs Fabula, a literary imprint at Editora 34, and co-edits Serrote, a quarterly review of essays. At Fabula he published classics such as Voltaire and Mérimée, and the contemporary list includes Ferrari’s Sermon sur la chute de Rome and Jean Echenoz’s 14 - a novel inspired by a real journal kept by a WW I soldier.

Paulo Werneck

Paulo Werneck is curator of the Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP), journalist and editor. He worked as editor of the ' Ilustríssima’ section of Folha de S.Paulo from 2010 to 2013. Previously, he served for 11 years as editor in publishing houses Cosac Naify and Companhia das Letras.

Tommy Wieringa

In 2005 Tommy Wieringa broke through to a wide audience with Joe Speedboat, in which wheelchair-bound Fransje Hermans is transformed by his friendship with the extraordinary Joe Speedboat. A dazzling, tragicomic story full of magnificent details, it describes how a group of young friends in a small community lose their innocence. Subsequent novels have won Wieringa the IMPAC Dublin Award and the Libris Literature Prize. He has a great sense of rhythm and the intensity of his writing never flags.
Joe Speedboat will be published in Brazil this year by Rádio Londres.


Um pouquinho da Holanda

Bicycles, bulb fields and canals – Dutch picture books reflect the country’s cultural heritage. At the same time they stand for far more than that. What makes a drawing typically Dutch? It’s hard to say. Isso aqui ôô, é um pouquinho da Holanda shows the work of twenty Dutch illustrators and what is most striking is their diversity. Classic drawings by Dick Bruna, Fiep Westendorp, Max Velthuijs and Thé Tjong-Khing are among the best the Netherlands has to offer, but the work of young artists like Martijn van der Linden and Floor Rieder is just as impressive. Then there are the graphic artists Sieb Posthuma, Jan Jutte and Fleur van der Weel, the experimentalists Sylvia Weve and Martijn van der Linden, who change their style and technique with every book, and what we might call artists’ artists: Philip Hopman, Yvonne Jagtenberg and Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, who bend reality to their will. Colourists such as Annemarie van Haeringen, Marije Tolman, Noëlle Smit and Mies van Hout capture emotions and atmosphere in evocative colours, whereas Charlotte Dematons and Marit Törnqvist express themselves in painterly illustrations and Wouter van Reek conjures picture-book art out of his computer. Isso aqui ôô, é um pouquinho da Holanda demonstrates the richness of Dutch illustration: impossible to capture in a few words but evident from a hundred remarkable drawings.
Exhibition in Biblioteca Parque, Rio de Janeiro, 1-30 September 2015

Dutch cinema

EYE International, the organization dedicated to the international promotion of Dutch films, offers a varied film programme as part of the Café Amsterdam festival. The programme consists mainly of book adaptations and shows the diversity of recent Dutch cinema. All films will be screened with Portuguese subtitles:

  • Twin Sisters, directed by Ben Sombogaart (2002 / drama / 137 mins.)
  • Stricken, directed by Reinout Oerlemans (2009 / drama / 105 mins.)
  • The Happy Housewife, directed by Antoinette Beumer (2010 / comedy / 100 mins.)
  • The Resurrection of a Bastard, directed by Guido van Driel (2013 / tragicomedy /90 mins.)
  • Tirza, directed by Rudolf van den Berg (2010/ drama / 100 mins.)
  • The Dark House, directed by Will Koopman (2010 / thriller / 110 mins.)
  • Bardsongs, directed by Sander Francken (2010 / musical feature / 94 mins.)

Films for kids

  • Alfie the Little Werewolf, directed by Joram Lürsen (2011 / family, 6+ / 89 mins.)
  • Taking Chances, directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk (2011 / family, 6+ / 86 mins.)
  • Frogs and Toads, directed by Simone van Dusseldorp (2009 / family, all / 75 mins.), dubbed live into Portuguese.

Short film programme (family, 7+ /85 mins.)

  • Munya in Me, Mascha Halberstad
  • Diorama, Elly Bouwman
  • Jacco’s Film, Daan Bakker
  • Blik, Bastiaan Schravendeel
  • Fata Morgana, Frodo Kuijpers
  • Farmer Jack, Arjan Wilschut
  • Goodbye Mister de Vries, Mascha Halberstad
  • Snapshot, Arthur van Merwijk

Programme cinema

Tuesday 1 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, 15:00 - 17:00
    Opening Expo (15h - 16h)
    Cocktail (16h-17h)

Wednesday 2 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, 13:00 - 14:50
    THE DARK HOUSE (110')

  • Biblioteca Parque, 15:30 - 18:00
    TIRZA (100') + Q&A/presentation
    present: director Rudolf van den Berg, author Arnon Grunberg

Thursday 3 September

  • Biblioteca Parque,11:30 - 13:10

  • Biblioteca Parque, 14:30 - 16:30
    TAKING CHANCES (85') + Q&A
    present: screenwriter Lotte Tabbers and author Marjolijn Hof

  • Escola Darcy Ribeiro, 17:00 – 21:00
    Film screening for film students TAKING CHANCES (85’) followed by Q&A with screenwriter Lotte Tabbers and book author Marjolijn Hof

Friday 4 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, 13:30 - 15:30
    STRICKEN (105') + Q&A
    present: director Reinout Oerlemans and screenwriter Gert Embrechts

Saturday 5 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, 11:30 - 12:55
    COMPILATION SHORTS - kids (85')

  • Biblioteca Parque, 14:00 - 15:35

  • Biblioteca Parque, 17:00 - 18:30

Friday 11 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, TIME TBC
    BARDSONGS (94')

Friday 18 September

  • Biblioteca Parque, TIME TBC
    TWIN SISTERS (147')


Café Amsterdam – Literature, film and music is a programme organised by the Dutch Foundation for Literature with support of the Dutch Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Organisation: Tiziano Perez, Maarten Valken, Agnes Vogt, Renata Megale, Dick Broer, Maarten Gooskens, EYE International
Translation: Julia Abreu de Souza, Cristiano Zwiesele do Amaral, Liz Waters
Graphic Design: Philip Stroomberg

The Dutch Foundation for Literature gracefully thanks: Eye International, the Dutch Consulates General in Rio de Janeiro en São Paulo, Casa das Rosas, Livraria Da Vila, Livraria Martins Fontes, Biblioteca Mário de Andrade São Paulo, Livraria Cultura, Livraria da Travessa, Bibilioteca Parque Rio de Janeiro, Alexandra de Vries, Joaci Pereira Furtado, Confraria do Vento, Radio Londres, Cosac Naifi, Martins Fontes, Rocco, L&PM, Editora 34

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