Was ich noch zu sagen hätte

Was ich noch zu sagen hätte

16 March 2016 - Ursula Bergenthal

„Duitsland - Was ich noch zu sagen hätte“ is the motto of the 81st Boekenweek with Germany as its theme, and „Gute Nacht, Freunde“ the title of Christoph Buchwald’s recent publication about 25 German books that belong on every beside table - all linked to the Gastlandauftritt of Flanders and the Netherlands in Frankfurt this year. An excellent occasion to accept the invitation of the indefatigable Nederlands Letterenfonds and spend a few days discovering the literary scene in Amsterdam.

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Ursula Bergenthal

Ursula Bergenthal is the editor-in-chief of btb (Random House München), which has translations in preparation of work by Dutch authors such as Ernest van der Kwast, Arjen Lubach, Bert Wagendorp, Griet Op de Beeck, Stefan Brijs, and Olga Majeau.