Typex in America

Typex in America


12 July 2017 - Typex

Having become almost world famous with his graphic novel Rembrandt, Typex is now working on a new book, on one of his inspirations as an artist: Andy Warhol. Last year he traveled twice to the U.S.A. to talk with the Andy Warhol Foundation and to do research for this biographical project. First to Pittsburgh, and later to New York, following the chronology of Warhol’s life. Both travels were supported financially by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. Below a snippet of Typex’ travel diaries, a travelogue in drawings, photos and text.

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Typex (b. 1962) has been active in the comics world since 1982. He works as an illustrator for VPRO, OOR, Vrij Nederland, Intermediair, NRC, de Volkskrant and De Filmkrant. His first work appeared in the underground magazine De Balloen. For comic magazine Zone 5300, he developed the cartoon De Belevenissen van Moortje Poes (The Adventures of Moortje the Cat). In 1996, he published Melkman (Milkman) which echoed Max & Moritz. A football comic followed in 2004, De nieuwe avonturen van Kick Wilstra (The New Adventures of Kick Wilstra). He also published his own magazine Chorizo for a while. His graphic novel Rembrandt, a personal biographical portrait of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn, was published in close collaboration with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The book has been translated into English, French, Hungarian, Korean and Spanish. Turkish and Chines editions are on the way. Typex is currently working on his next graphic novel about Andy Warhol (1928-1987). See also our Authors database.