Happy Pride

Happy Pride

Dutch LGBT Fiction

4 August 2017 - Hanneke Marttin

As Amsterdam celebrates diversity in ten days of Pride, with more than 150 events, Dutch readers can also rejoice in Queer, a new anthology of stories and poems by several generations of Dutch and Flemish authors. Some, like Gerbrand Bakker, Adriaan van Dis, Saskia de Coster, Tom Lanoye and Gerard Reve (1923-2006), have already enjoyed success abroad, but for foreign publishers looking for a good read somewhere over the rainbow, there’s still a lot of great literature to discover. Let’s have a quick look at the Dutch fiction.

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Hanneke Marttin

Communications officer


Hanneke Marttin is spokesperson for the press, is responsible for publications of and information on the Foundation, and manages the websites and social media. She also coordinates the Vertalersgeluktournee and the literary talkshow Letteren Live.