A crash course in Dutch literature

A crash course in Dutch literature

11 September 2013 - Alexis Washam

From Friday 6 September until Tuesday 10 September, the annual Amsterdam Fellowship for International Publishers took place for the sixth time. Ten representatives from internationally renowned publishing houses visited Amsterdam at the invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Jacqueline Smit, publisher at Orlando Publishers, in order to learn more about Dutch literature and publishing. Alexis Washam, senior editor at the Crown Publishing Group and Hogarth, reported for Boekblad about the people she met, the conversations she had and ‘an epic downpour’.

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Alexis Washam

Alexis Washam is senior editor at Crown publishers and the Hogarth imprint (New York), who published the US edition of The Dinner by Herman Koch. She is one of the ten participants in the 6th Amsterdam Fellowship for International Publishers. During her visit she wrote a blog on her experiences for the Dutch booktrade magazine and website, Boekblad.