Support for Ukrainian artists in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has announced that it will allocate 1 million euros to support Ukrainian and Russian artists that were forced to flee their countries after the Russian attack on Ukraine, and are now living in the Netherlands. This project will be financed by the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and Foreign Affairs (BZ). Each will allocate 500 thousand euros. The support program is currently being developed by the six national cultural foundations: the Film Fund, the Mondriaan Fund, the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Cultural Participation Fund and the Dutch Foundation for Literature as the coordinator.

For whom   For what   Deadlines

The Dutch Foundation for Literature is currently preparing the support fund. The launch will be expected mid August. Below you will find some information.


The support program aims to provide temporary support for artists and creatives in all disciplines: film, performing arts, literature, visual arts and other creative industries. The program’s resources are not sufficient to provide long-term support.

The financial support is intended for preservation of the artist’s work practice. The grant can be used to rent studio space or purchase equipment, tools or materials. It can also serve as a contribution towards the costs of, for example, a project, tour or a residency in collaboration with a Dutch cultural organization.

The foundations strongly encourage this collaboration between Dutch organizations and Ukrainian (or Russian) artists. In this way a long lasting network and intercultural exchange can be established and strengthened.

Who can apply?

The grant can exclusively be applied for by a Dutch legal entity, i.e. a cultural organization or institution. The legal entity applies for the grant on behalf of the artist.

Therefore it’s necessary that you, as the artist, are in a collaboration with a Dutch cultural organization or other legal entity. If you are in contact with Dutch legal entities and partners who you could potentially collaborate with, please send them the information on this page.

Eligible are both artists with an Ukrainian or Russian passport who were living in Ukraine or Russia at the start of the conflict and who are now living in the Netherlands. Independent artists have also fled from Russia because of oppression by the Russian regime. These dissident cultural workers can also be supported through the program.

How and when?

We hope to publish the support program on this website, on this page, in week 33 (15-19 August 2022). Applications have to be made online, via the (Dutch) application form on this page.

The grant can only be applied for by a Dutch legal entity, i.e. a cultural organization or institution. A grant can not be more than 9.000 euros. The grant is allocated to the cultural worker. In their application, the organization can include a small percentage of implementation costs.

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