Users’ Survey International Publishers

In early 2018 the Dutch Foundation for Literature commissioned research into its users’ assessment of its working methods and activities.

As well as writers, translators, publishers, festivals and magazines in the Netherlands, international publishers of Dutch literary work in translation and the translators involved were questioned, as were literary festivals all over the world, especially organizations in the German language area with which the Foundation colla-borated to make a success of ‘This is what we share: The Netherlands and Flanders, Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016’.

The report Users’ Survey International Publishers provides the findings of the questionnaire sent to publishers of Dutch and Frisian literature in translation and other literary organizations abroad: how satisfied are they with the communication, information, subsidies and activities of the Dutch Foundation for Literature? The main findings are highlighted in the accompanying infographic.

A second questionnaire was send to all people on the Foundation’s list of accredited translators. 225 translators (48%), translators into 36 languages, responded. The findings may be found in the report Gebruikersonderzoek vertalers uit het Nederlands, which includes an English summary.


Survey commissioned by The Dutch Foundation for Literature.

Users’ Survey International Publishers


Nederlands-letterenfonds-gebruikersonderzoek-uitgevers-wereldwijd (Pdf file)