Translations Database

Translators, Publishers, Authors

Our translations database provides information on more than 21,000 translated Dutch works, including both subsidized and non-subsidized literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s and YA). The database offers access to the large collection of foreign translations which form the core of the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s library.

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Residency for Writers in Amsterdam


In 2006 the Amsterdam Writer’s Residency opened its doors. The project was initiated by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The foundation provides foreign writers with a residency in the historic and literary heart of Amsterdam, and in its academic centre, with access to the University of Amsterdam library and everything that is on offer at Athenaeum Bookshop, the downstairs neighbour.

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Literary events

International festivals, Publishers, Translators, Authors

The Foundation cooperates with foreign publishers, book fairs and literary institutes to organize occasional major literary events abroad which present Dutch authors and their work.

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