Vondel Translation Prize to Michele Hutchison

12 February 2020 - Translators, Awards and International

After careful consideration, a specialist jury has awarded the Vondel Translation Prize 2019 to Michele Hutchison for Stage Four, her English translation of Sander Kollaard’s Stadium IV (Van Oorschot), published by the American publishing house Amazon Crossing. The prize will be presented in London on 12 February, 2020.

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New Dutch Poetry

Maartje Smits and Simone Atangana Bekono

10 February 2020 - International and Authors

In cooperation with Poetry International the Dutch Foundation for Literature introduces two new voices in Dutch poetry: Simone Atangana Bekono and Maartje Smits. Bekono writes sweeping epistolary poems, in which she explores the relationship between body and identity. Smits’ poetry is musical, playful, feminist and innovative.

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Fellowship German Festivals

7 February 2020 - General

From Wednesday 12 until Friday 14 February, the Dutch Foundation for Literature has invited 12 German programmers of literary festivals and literary houses to participate in a fellowship. During their stay in Amsterdam, the fellows will meet their Dutch counterparts and get information on the state-of-the-art of Dutch literature.

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PEN Literary Awards

6 February 2020 - Awards and International

The PEN America Literary Awards Finalists have been announced. Among them Dutch non-fiction author Frans de Waal and biographer Benjamin Moser.

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Mischa Andriessen wins Awater Poetry Prize

24 January 2020 - Awards and Authors

Mischa Andriessen wins the annual Awater Poetry Prize. A jury consisting of 27 Dutch and Flemish critics, journalists, and other poetry specialists, chose his Winterlaken [Winter Sheet] as the best poetry collection of 2019.

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Residency at NIAS-KNAW Amsterdam

Open call

18 January 2020 - General and Authors

The Dutch Foundation for Literature and NIAS-KNAW invite publishers and others to nominate a writer for the writer-in-residence fellowship at NIAS-KNAW in Amsterdam for the academic year 2020/21. This prestigious position is intended for a writer who is working on a project that would benefit from an extended stay as part of a diverse community of international scholars. Nominations can be submitted before 16 March (noon).

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Maxim Februari’s oeuvre twice crowned

17 January 2020 - Awards, Authors and General

Novelist, essayist and philosopher Maxim Februari has been awarded two prestigious Dutch literary prizes, the P.C. Hooft Prize and the C.C.S. Crone Prize. Both are awarded for Februari’s complete works, and the juries of both prizes praise the exceptional quality of his oeuvre. His work has been translated into English, Danish, Spanish and Turkish.

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